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At Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center, we perform minor laser surgery in Baltimore, MD. Treating patients that require minor surgical procedures needing only local anesthesia, we offer expert, personalized service to local residents. This allows for quick treatment for busy personal schedules. These laser treatment procedures can be completed in little time, while being performed in a sterile, technologically advanced setting, letting patients to be on their way, quickly and safely.

We use only state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. With the latest, hospital-grade medical equipment accessible, we offer facilities superior to those available in doctors' offices performing similar procedures. The result is faster and more complete healing allowing you to get on with your life instead of dealing with the pain from the injury or surgery.

Some of the minor laser surgery procedures carried out in our center include the removal of abnormal skin lesions such as, Moles, skin tags, cysts, basal cell lesions, squamous cell lesions, or other lesions on the surface of the skin. Because we do these operations sterility and outside the hospital, there is much less risk of infection and complications.

We provide a comprehensive post-operative care plan that we review with each patient at discharge, completing the cycle of excellent medical service throughout our facility. Our referring physicians for minor surgery consultation have come to respect our top-notch level of care and depend on us for those small medical surgical issues.

Give us a call when your doctor recommends any minor surgical procedure that can be done in an outpatient setting.