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If you are having stomach pain or digestive issues, allow us to perform your endoscopy in Baltimore, MD at Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center. Our endoscopy center is highly respected, and we have many years’ experience implementing this procedure.

Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to explore your digestive tract. With an instrument called an endoscope which is a bendable tube with a camera and light, we can check out photos of your digestive tract on a TV monitor. During an upper endoscopy, the we pass the scope through the mouth and throat and down the esophagus allowing us to see the esophagus, stomach, and upper part of the small intestine.

Some of the reasons your doctor might recommend an endoscopy include ulcers, gastritis, difficulty swallowing, GI bleeding, or changes in bowel habits such as constipation or diarrhea. Endoscopy may also be used to treat a digestive tract problem. It might not only detect bleeding from an ulcer, but there are devices that we can put through the endoscope that can stop the bleeding.

Overall, endoscopy is extremely safe, but the procedure does have a few rare complications, which may include bowel perforation, problems with the sedative, infection, bleeding, and pancreatitis. Most people, however, have no complications with the procedure, but if you a suspect there is a problem, get in touch with us immediately so that we can assist you in feeling better.

Call us today if you feel you need digestive system diagnostics testing through our facility. Our doctors and staff will meet with you and discuss your options, and which procedure is best for you.