We offer convenient, flexible scheduling and can have you seen right away without a lot of waiting.

Colonoscopy | Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center | Baltimore, MD | 4107522262
At Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center, we will manage your colonoscopy in Baltimore, MD as well as take into consideration your...
Endoscopy | Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center | Baltimore, MD | 4107522262
If you are having stomach pain or digestive issues, allow us to perform your endoscopy in Baltimore, MD at Downtown Baltimore...
Minor Laser Surgery | Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center | Baltimore, MD | 4107522262
At Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center, we perform minor laser surgery in Baltimore, MD. Treating patients that require minor...

Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center accepts most insurance plans, and all patients are welcome to come in.

Welcome to Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center

Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center located in Baltimore, MD is more than just an outpatient surgery center. We are not a hospital, but a small, friendly healthcare center where you can bring the entire family for any minor surgical issue that arises. Under most circumstances, we can have you seen right away. In addition to minor surgical procedures, we also perform colonoscopies and endoscopies.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care in a convenient, safe, and comfortable setting. If it is time for your colon cancer screening or you are suffering from other gastrointestinal problems, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to see our doctor to be evaluated.

When patients decide to use our ambulatory surgery center, most find that the process is much more convenient that using a large hospital, as well as more personal. Our center offers a relaxed setting. Our staff is focused on giving individual attention to each patient. Staff members help each person’s visit go as fast and as easily as possible. In order to meet a patient's specific needs, we offer a variety of scheduling options. Also, since all surgeries are scheduled, your procedure is never delayed by an emergency case.

Since our center focuses on a limited number of procedures, most patients find that we are much easier to navigate than a typical hospital environment. Also, since we are not an acute care setting, you will not be exposed to the illnesses that you would be in a hospital.

Head on over to our facility when you need to schedule your next colonoscopy or endoscopy. Our goal is to make all our patients feel welcome. We will give you personal attention immediately and work with you to get your test performed as soon as possible.